The goal of the Caravanserai Project’s e-books is to share our vision and understanding of specific topics that are discussed during our Breakthroughs Masterclasses.
These e-books are available to anyone free of charge.

While there is a plethora of programs providing guidance and support to mission driven organizations, non-profits and for-profits, we have learned over the years that the biggest challenge was not accessing information and content. Workshops and classes where tens of organizations are fed a cookie-cut program and asked to run with it by themselves have limited impact. We do things differently.


Caravanserai Project’s programs are designed to provide a very individualized and customized experience without the high costs of one-on-one consulting and coaching sessions. While the goals and structure of our Breakthroughs Masterclasses remain the same, their content is redesigned for every new cohort in order to reflect their specific interests and needs. We focus in depth on each participant. Everyone in the room is expected to support the rest of the cohort, provide feedback and share their experiences in order to help them identify the best solutions. 

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