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The Organizational Survival and Sustainability Breakthrough Masterclass offers experienced CEOs and leaders of advanced social mission driven organizations effective and practical tools to cope with immediate issues that challenge their work and prepares them to approach creatively and innovatively potential threatening disruptions. This masterclass aims to expand the participants field of possibilities as they tackle current matters and ensure and increase the long-term relevancy and impact of their work.  


  • Customized training and mentorship
  • Develop a road map and list of priorities to tackle in the immediate future
  • Share knowledge, ideas, resources, and learn from each other 
  • Work through and receive feedback to real-time issues
  • Build new connections and potential partnerships within a small trusted peer group.
  • Access to instructors and mentors who are regional and national leaders in their industries, successful entrepreneurs, experts, change makers, investors and academics who reflect the needs and interest of the cohorts. 
10 participants
2 day online training
follow-up meeting
highly customized
Participation fee: $650



16TH - 17TH



14TH - 15TH


Interview and assessment

  • Each participant will walk through their situation/information

  • Workshop leaders will question along a protocol

  • Go deeper than presenting issues

Identify key issues

  • Create list of issues

  • Put in order of priority for survival

  • Assess opportunities and barriers


Plan of attack-time focused for each organization/leader

  • Determine actions and timeline on each key issue

  • Actions to push through barriers

  • Actions to take advantage of opportunities


Pathway for Survival

  • Overall plan with action step

  • How to keep the opportunities open for the future

  • What can it look like in the future – future plan

3 hours

virtual meeting

DAY 2 - Sustainability

Financial Stability

  • Long term keys to future revenue/assessment

  • Role of development/fundraising for the future

  • Financial management approach

The requirement of staying true to your mission and delivering on your promise

  • Mission test and promise

  • 12 questions/answers for each organization

  • Describe each organization as transformative

What are the actions that will drive your future success

  • Revenue stability, dedicated resources, talent, advice

  • Narratives, alignment, movement making

  • Create the bigger pathway

4 hours

virtual meeting

follow-up meeting

Three/four weeks following the masterclass, the cohort will reconvene to share the latest developments and receive feedback from their peers.  

1 hour

virtual meeting

The Big Breakthrough
Learn our view about sustainability and mission driven organizations introduced by
Stephen Bennett, 
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